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X-Mapper TNG (iOS application) is a helper application for X-Plane flight simulator. Connecting to a computer running X-Plane Desktop makes your iPhone/​iPad work as a map tracker for the simulated aircraft. Additionally, by purchasing the upgrade, this application becomes a more useful flight-assistance device including full-equipped avionics panel, flight path display and flight controller with feedbacks.⁠

Compatibility with X-Plane 11: X-Mapper TNG (version 2.1.1 or later) is fully compatible with all known releases of X-Plane 11 and confirmed with the latest 11.01r2. You should anyway update the application to the current version (Update). Note that “PB11 Compatible” option NO LONGER NECESSARY for the final release: Confirm it be ever OFF.

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Product Info

Version History

The current version is 2.1.1. You can confirm the version you are using in “Version Info” screen from the ⓘInfo Menu. If using older version, get update from App Store.

Changes in Version 2.1.1

Version 2.1.1 fixes a compatibility issue with X-Plane 11.00pb12.

Since the public beta period of X-Plane 11 is over, “PB11 Compatible” option is NO LONGER NECESSARY. Leave the option ever OFF on the Settings screen.

Changes in Version 2.1.0

Version 2.1.0 features brand-new Yoke Pad, Control Feedbacks, Settings Screen and other improvements.

YOKE PAD (Upgrade Required)

By dragging the white cross on the Yoke Pad at the center, you can manipulate the elevator and the aileron without the motion sensor. It is handy for using with a stand-fixed iPad which is difficult to tilt. Also, you can disable the motion sensor ever on or hide the Yoke Pad through the Settings Screen mentioned later.


Control deflections of the aircraft now feedback to the Rudder Sliders and the Yoke Pad where you can monitor the controls from the motion sensor, the auto pilot and even external joysticks. Also, the black crosses on the sliders and the pad indicate actual deployments of control surfaces taking account of factors such as the stabilizers and hydraulic failures.


Brand-new Settings Screen is now introduced. Open “Settings…” from ☰⁠Tool Menu to setup the application properties such as show/hide of various screen elements as well as behaviors of the motion sensor. ”Show/Hide Flight Path” and “Enable/Disable Vibration” on the old Tool Menu are now integrated into the Settings Screen. Also, the Elevator Mode Button at the lower-right has been removed to the Settings Screen and replaced with the new Return to Neutral button to instantly reset all the control axes.


Touching at the rail of a rudder slider (outside the knob) allows you to activate the motion sensor in the Rudderless Mode. With this manner, you can control the elevator and the aileron without interfering the rudder. Note that this application has no built-in auto coordination so you should use this feature combined with an external foot pedal or a proper plug-in such as X-Coordinate.


Although the elevator positioning of the motion sensor is usually calibrated automatically on every touch of a rudder slider, you can now fix the neutral position with the Manual Calibration. Open “Settings…” from ☰⁠Tool Menu, tap “Perform Manual Calibration” and follow the instruction to set your preferable vertical tilt as the neutral.

Changes in Version 2.0.1

Version 2.0.1 allows you to enter IP address of the X-Plane computer manually.

Although X-Mapper TNG usually detects X-Plane running in the network and automatically configures the net settings, some kind of network doesn’t permit detection of other devices as a rare case. If you have troubled with persisting “Waiting for X-Plane” message even if X-Plane started, please open “Select Host to Connect…” from the Tool Menu of the hammer button at upper-right, then enter IP address of the computer running X-Plane, choose X-Plane version you are using and tap “Connect.” You can get the IP address from “Settings > Net Connections” screen of X-Plane 10, or “Settings > Network” screen of X-Plane 11. The new feature is also useful if you attempt a remote connection such as one via VPN (unsupported).

Changes from X-Mapper Pro/​Lite

X-Mapper TNG features complete support for X-Plane 11, fully automated net configuration, unlimited multiple devices to connect simultaneously and many other improvements. Previously separated Pro/​Lite editions are now consolidated into one free application with a paid upgrade available through in-App purchase. Note that the supported versions of X-Plane are now version 10.40 or later of X-Plane 10 and X-Plane 11. For use with version 10.3x or less of X-Plane 10/​X-Plane 9, continue to use previous X-Mapper Pro/​Lite.

Trouble Shooting

No X-Plane Detected

To use X-Mapper TNG, launch X-Plane 10 (10.40 or later) or X-Plane 11 Desktop on a Mac/​Windows/​Linux computer belongs to the same LAN as iPhone/​iPad device. If “Waiting for X-Plane” message persists, check following points:

No Response Detected

If “No Response” message appears, check following points:

X-Plane Runs as Non-Master

X-Plane should be running as a role of the master machine as the default to use with X-Mapper TNG. It couldn’t connect to X-Plane running with a role of external visual or an instruction console (IOS). If this situation is without your intention, check Net Connections settings throughly to make it run as a master.

Troubles on In-App Purchase

If you can’t purchase or restore the Upgrade, please tap dimmed “Purchase” or “Restore” button or “⚠️About” from the upper tool bar to confirm the reason of unavailability. Possible causes are as following:


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