[MGJ Interactive] X-Mapper Trouble Shooting: Unblocking Communication Ports

Try this troubleshooting if X-Mapper Pro/Lite has unexpectedly lost the connection with X-Plane on your computer. In many cases, it may be caused by blocked communication ports of X-Plane.

Allowing Connections at First Time

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You should have allowed incoming connections when a dialog box about the Firewall's behavior has been appeared on your computer. If you are not sure about your choice for that, go to Next Section to check the communication status of X-Plane.

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FOR MAC COMPUTER: The dialog box may appear at the first time the net connection established by X-Mapper Pro/Lite or other external apps/devices. You should click “Allow” to unblock the incoming connections from X-Mapper Pro/Lite. If you have enabled auto-allow by the default, the dialog won’t appear and you don’t have to allow it anymore.

[X-Mapper Troubleshooting 1 Screen-2]

FOR WINDOWS COMPUTER: The dialog box may appear at the first time the X-Plane launched. The dialog may show in the background and try [Alt]-[Tab] to show it up. You should click “Allow access” to unblock the incoming connections from X-Mapper Pro/Lite. If you are not sure about the coice of that time, try Next Section to check the communication status of X-Plane.

Checking If Connection Unblocked

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You can still see if X-Plane are accepting incoming data from X-Mapper Pro/Lite. Launch X-Plane and see messages on the Net Connections screen.

[X-Mapper Troubleshooting 1 Screen-3]

IT’S OK if following yellow message appears on the message box of the Net Connections screen just when you launch or quit X-Mapper Pro/Lite:

Got a transmission from a multiplayer to plane #1 on this computer, label from IP address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx xx.x seconds ago, sending DSEL (or DREF).

As from X-Plane version 10.40 the message becomes momentary and hides away immediately. Please try launching/quitting X-Mapper again to see the message. With X-Mapper Pro, you can check it also by touching on a throttle/rudder slider or opening/closing avionics slider.


[X-Mapper Troubleshooting 1 Screen-4]

IT’S NG if the message box still shows “Not receiving any messages now” even when you launch or quit X-Mapper Pro/Lite.

In this case, the computer running X-Plane seems to be blocking incoming data for some unknown reason. Please try Next Section to unblock the connection.

Try Unblocking Communication Ports

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If you have found that X-Plane seems to be blocking the connection, it is possible that OS’s firewall feature or some other security software unexpectedly blocks UDP packets from certain network port or some applications. You have got to allow X-Plane to accept incoming connection or to receive UDP packets coming through port 49000 or toward X-Plane.

[X-Mapper Troubleshooting 1 Screen-5]

FOR MAC COMPUTER: First open “System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Firewall” then click the lockpad icon and enter system password, open “Firewall Options…” and make sure X-Plane application set to “Allow incoming connections.”
*If you can’t find X-Plane in the list, click “+” to add X-Plane application.

[X-Mapper Troubleshooting 1 Screen-6]

FOR WINDOWS COMPUTER: First open “Control Panel > System & Security > Windows Firewall > Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall” then click “Change settings” and put checkmark at “x-plane.exe” in the app list.
*If you can’t find x-plane.exe in the list, click “Allow another app…” to add x-plane.exe.

If you have successfully fixed the Firewall settings, restart X-Plane and retry the Previous Section to check the communication status.

IMPORTANT You should restart X-Plane if you’ve tried troubleshootings here or changed some network configurations. These configuration changes will take effect after X-Plane restarted.

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