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gX-Mapper Proh is a helper application for X-Plane flight simulator. Connecting to a computer running X-Plane makes your iPhone/iPad work as a useful flight-assistance device including map tracker, flight controller and full-equipped avionics panel.

This application requires full or demo version of X-Plane 9/10 for Mac/Windows/Linux.

USING X-MAPPER PRO WITH X-PLANE 11 BETA: Mapping and flight control feature of X-Mapper Pro will work well with the beta version of X-Plane 11 by proper settings. See the screen shot for the setting details. Sorry, the avionics feature is incompatible with X-Plane 11. Please be patient until a new version of X-Mapper with fill support for X-Plane 11.

X-PLANE 10.5 TROUBLE SHOOTING: We found there is some problem in the data output settings of X-Plane 10.5. Please open gSettings > Data Input & Outputh from the menu and select gData Seth tab, then check genable: internet.h if desabled. We are sorry for inconvenience. This problem may be fixed in upcoming X-Mapper update.

NET CONNECTION TROUBLE SHOOTING: If X-Mapper Pro has unexpectedly lost the connection with X-Plane on your computer, try X-Mapper Trouble Shooting to unblock the communication ports.

Sorry, the English page is currently under construction. Go to App Store product page for detail. There also is a Japanese version of this page.

Feel free to contact us via e-mail <webi1310@mgjshop.co.jp> for inqiry and support request. We welcome messages either in English or Japanese.

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