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gUnicoder Liteh is a multi-purpose universal character operating tool that offers complete Unicode chart and universal keyboard with a consistent interface. This is a reduced free edition of the full-featured gProh Edition, but useful enough for browsing and entering characters in Unicode.

***iOS 8 KNOWN ISSUE*** The language of our iOS applications may be forced into Japanese with non-English system of iOS 8. If you have accidentally got Japanese with the App, apply iOS 8 Workaround.

***iOS 7 KNOWN ISSUE*** Current version of Unicoder Lite has a compatibility issue with iOS 7 that a message box doesn't hide away by tapping gCloseh button. please try following steps to workaround the issue.

[Unicoder Lite Screen-1001]1. Double-click the home button and flick up Unicoder thumbnail to throw it away from the screen.
[Unicoder Lite Screen-1002]2. Launch “Settings” application and go to Unicoder Lite settings screen by tapping “Unicoder Lite” at lower part of the list.
[Unicoder Lite Screen-1003]3. Turn off “Show Hints” on the Unicoder Lite settings screen.
[Unicoder Lite Screen-1004]4. Go back home and open Unicoder Lite again.

With this workaround, you don't get hint messages automatically. You can still open the help message from action menu, but you should take the steps 1 and 4 to close the message box. We are working at a new update to deal with this issue and sorry for inconvenience.

Sorry, the English page is currently under construction. Go to App Store product page for detail. There also is a Japanese version of this page.

Feel free to contact us via e-mail <webi1310@mgjshop.co.jp> for inqiry and support request. We welcome messages either in English or Japanese.

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