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gEmojicoder Proh is a full-featured emoji operating tool that allows you to enter/convert/analyze all built-in emojis in two different code set; Unicode Emoji (Apple Color Emoji) and Softbank Emoji.

***iOS 8 KNOWN ISSUE*** The language of our iOS applications may be forced into Japanese with non-English system of iOS 8. If you have accidentally got Japanese with the App, apply iOS 8 Workaround.

Known Issue: As of version 1.0.2, you may occasionally be hindered from scrolling the text editor to the top after sending a message. If you encounter this sort of problem, choose gQuit Applicationh from the Action menu (top right button) and launch the application again. We apologize for inconvenience. Please be patient until upcoming update.

Sorry, the English page is currently under construction. Go to App Store product page for detail. There also is a Japanese version of this page.

Feel free to contact us via e-mail <webi1310@mgjshop.co.jp> for inqiry and support request. We welcome messages either in English or Japanese.

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